Click on your state to direct $1 from Montucky’s wallet into your favorite local charity!  MCS gives 8% to local charities. You pick which ones. It’s that simple.

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How Does The MCS Donation Of Dolla Bills Work?
a story of swimming pools…

Here at MCS we have been committed to donating 8% of our profits back to local causes since our inception; Enriching and reinvesting in the communities that support us is something that founders Chad and Jeremy wanted to make a core value and component of the business.  Our first years were somewhat of a testing ground for how we would go about this and our 8% got divvied up in a variety of ways as we donated over $38,000.00 to differing organizations across MT, WA, and OR during that time.

While we still work with every non-profit that reaches out to us for fundraising, we wanted to figure out a way that would allow our customers to have more of a voice in where our dollars go… essentially to give the power of our donations to the people!   Power To The People!   Eventually we found a way, a website interface called ‘InPact Now.’

Here’s how it works;   At the InPact Now site, MCS has an account that we put our donation dollars into. Think of it as a big swimming pool full of single dollar bills.   This pool is open to the public, meaning that anyone can walk into the swimming pool full of dollars and grab a dollar out of the pool; Exciting right?  Oh yes!  So what happens next?!  Read on!  >>>  Once someone has dove in and grabbed one of the dollars out of the water, they are then able to donate it to any charity that they choose, there are 100’s of 1000’s of charities that they can choose from hanging around in lounge chairs, soaking up the sun, on the deck of the swimming pool. The person hops out of the pool with the dollar that they grabbed, shakes the water out of their ears, strolls over to the charity and gives them the dollar, then goes and grabs a Cold Snack from the pool bar.  It’s a quick, simple, painless process; We provide the dollar, you choose where the dollar goes.  Done.

…. And just to clarify, obviously there isn’t any swimming going on… that was a visual reference, but the process of giving a dollar is almost as fun as jumping in the pool… and all without chlorine drying out your skin!  In reality, on your computer screen, the whole thing is even easier, a few clicks on your computer and the dollar is sent to the non-profit. Give it a try by clicking on your state above!

As always, please reach out to us with ideas and/or events that you think we may be able to help out it. We love to help and will do what we can!! For suggestions and or partnership opportunities email us at

A brief list of some of the orgs we’ve worked with:

Thrive, WRP, Art Crossing, Ruby Watershed, Eagle Mount, Relay for Life, Big Sky Youth Empowerment, Harper’s Playground, Oregon Food Bank, Coastal Conservation Association, Oregon Cancer Ski out, among many, many others.