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MCS and Punch Magazine!

Montucky Cold Snacks makes Punch Magazine! Big thanks to Aaron Goldfarb and his interview with our co-owener, Chad Zeitner. Give it a read!!

Why Are Craft Brewers Making Beers That Taste Like Macro Lagers?


Ryan Rosen’s Trek of 2016

Check it out! Ryan Rosen departed back in April on a continuous thru hike of the Continental Divide and the Pacific Northwest Trails. We are stoked to sponsor and support Ryan on his trip! Here are some photos so far.

Starting at the southern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail, he is currently traversing from Mexico to Canada on foot along the routes of the CDT through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. From the northern terminus in Glacier National Park he will turn west and cross Montana, Idaho and Washington to Cape Alava on the Olympic Coast. The estimated mileage of this thru hike is 4,000 miles during six months of backpacking!

Montucky and MexicoMontucky and Montezuma Peak 2Cold Snacks and WildflowersCold Snacks and Blue SkiesMontucky Fixin to Rain

Sangre de Cristo Camping Trip

Huge shoutout to Eric Neibler and HAM Fam for putting this awesome video together!! We always appreciate MCS fans that can share and show their support through work like this! Check out this video and more of HAM Fam on Vimeo. Thanks guys!! HAM Fam

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How to cook a Monturkey

Step by step instructions on how to cook a Monturkey.  It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy a delicious Cold Snack inspired meal. Cheers!

Spread The Love!

New donation tabs are available for TX, ID, WY, and CO!! direct OUR money to a cause of  YOUR choosing. It’s time to spread the love!

C Is For Cold Snack!

The Cold Snack Monster explains the letter C and what it stands for. Cheers everyone!



Spokane, Air Conditioning, and Cold Snacks


Spokane Washington. I’m running. It’s 87 degrees out. The air is red, the foliage orange, ground black. For me, 87 is hot. Not hot, like the year is 1987 and Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad,’ album just hit dancefloors and it’s a good thing; hot like microwaved ghost peppers, and it’s a bad thing. I hate heat. First off, I just got out of winter in MT, so heat hasn’t truly hit me prior to this quaint atmosphere I’m currently in. Second, I fought wildland fire for the US Forest Service for 9 years; 5 of which were on a hotshot crew that never took a break; we worked like a colony of ants under a devious child’s magnifying glass of viciously incinerating misery for months on end… and somehow never spontaneously combusted. But it did jade me. My business partner Chad is back at our Air BnB apt laying like a wet towel on a cool floor in front of the air conditioner, sleeping like a dog. What the hell am I doing out here? Hungover, hot, and haggard; running under Neil Diamonds, Red Rubber Ball song. I should have stayed home. I shouldn’t have drank Long Island Iced Teas last night.   I could be laying on the couch in the miracle of air conditioned bliss eating ice cold chunks of yogurt covered cantaloupe out of my belly button, watching SportsCenter and drinking Cold Snacks. That’s what rational people do. That’s what normal people expect of themselves. Isn’t that the reason I quit fighting fire? Isn’t that the reason we felt motivated enough as an evolving human civilization to invent shit like air conditioning and ibuprofen in the first place? I mean, I’m sure monetary gain was an influencing pattern in there somewhere for someone, but for the rest of us, wasn’t the lore of cold air appealing simply because we didn’t want to run through a Jackson Pollack painting of heat? I could of swore I’d heard that somewhere, but you never can tell, I’ve been wrong before. You wouldn’t believe how often and vehemently people tell me I’m wrong; It’s amazing actually …

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