• Chad Zeitner - Owner

    Chad Zeitner

    Chad Zeitner was born in Butte, Montana and although he grew up mostly in Idaho, he spent a lot time on his grandfather’s ranch in Willow Creek, Montana. After attending college at the University of Idaho, he spent four years as an electrical engineer in Kalispell before deciding to take some time to ‘find himself’ through traveling the world. After seven months and numerous countries, he decided that there isn’t a place better than Montana. After his travels, Zeitner moved to Bozeman MT where he has been since 2009. In his spare time he enjoys skiing (snow and water), climbing, camping, hiking, biking, running, and generally being outside. To Zeitner, the ability to help out and work with the communities in MCS’s various markets is what makes the company worth all the time and effort.
  • Jeremy Gregory

    Jeremy Gregory grew up on a cattle ranch on the Crow Reservation and in Hardin Montana where he attended school. He worked in Wildland fire for nine years including a five year stint on the Lewis & Clark Hotshots out of Great Falls MT. After graduating from the University of Montana, he decided to write three full-length novels he never sought publication for while holding season passes at a multitude of ski resorts across MT. It was during this window of time that Gregory began to envision starting a beer company that produced light beers that celebrated outdoor culture. This vision is what has now become Montucky Cold Snacks. Gregory resides part time in Bozeman and part time at the family ranch in Lodge Grass.
  • Kayla - Montucky Cold Snacks


    Bozeman, MT
    Kayla (aka Grumpy 'K') is A+, she handles any and all problems, big and small at MCS. In her free time, she likes to run in the wilds of MT!
  • Codi - Missoula Rep


    Missoula, MT - Rep
    Codi can be found chasing her son Wyatt down Snowbowl. She loves running wild in the mountains throughout all four seasons with her sweetheart Jaime and friends. You may not only know me as Codi, but Codi Blair Beer Bear, the name has stuck with me for many years. I hate marshmallows and love rainbows.
  • Bryce

    Billings, MT - Rep
    Artist, Saab aficionado, lover of tacos, grower of beards, collector of ideas, and looser of sunglasses. If I was President, waking up early for work would be made illegal, pennies would be eradicated, and everyone would receive extra days off for birthdays. A chicken in every pot, and a Montucky Cold Snack in every hand.
  • Alex - Helena, MT Rep


    Helena, MT - Rep
    Alex revels in two types of fun. He spends as much time outside enjoying nature as he can. He also occasionally engineers things.
  • Scott - Montucky Cold Snacks


    Seattle, WA - Rep
    I'm waiting for my pics to come back from the photo-shop where I’m have airbrushing done. Soon. I promise.