The Story

Stories. Everyone has one.  This is ours:
Montucky Cold Snacks, (MCS) was formed and founded on a winter evening in 2011 at the Bacchus Bar in Downtown Bozeman Montana.  This was the location where MCS founders Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner began talking about creating a light beer that would be, not only refreshing, but would center its core values around giving back to the communities that supported it as well as celebrating the fun, active, outdoor lifestyle that encompasses Montanan life.   That meeting and idea quickly became what is now known as Montucky Cold Snacks.

Our first shiny blue cans hit the market in the fall of 2012 and since then, MCS has garnered statewide distribution in Montana and has expanded its range to include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas.  During this time the company has remained focused on providing a quality product at a competitive price to other large internationally owned domestic lagers while staying true to their pledge to give 8% of their profits back to local charities and non-profits that support the lands, people, wildlife, art, and ways of life we’ve all come to love; Be it in Montana or any of the other beautiful states in which we are distributed. We like to think of it as ‘Drinking With A Cause,’ and why not?  Since our beer has been specifically formulated  to refresh after skiing, fishing, hiking, boating, watching the big game, or just about anything else that happens to be awesome,  when you drink MCS you get the best of both worlds… giving back to the communities in your area while getting the satisfaction obtained from cold, light, refreshing beer. In fact, in our first four years of business we have given over $38,000.00 to differing non-profits. Beer, refreshment, charity, it’s our core, and as we move forward in this venture, we never plan on letting these values go. The amount of beer we sell is currently microscopic (0.015% of the markets we’re in) in comparison to the other large domestics. Imagine all the good we could do if we were able to achieve even 1% of the domestic beer share (hint: we would have been able to donate over $2,600,000.00 (that’s 2.6 Million) to differing non-profits)!


Montucky Cold Snacks are contract brewed in Lacrosse Wisconsin. The reason for this is simple; when MCS founders Chad and Jeremy approached the banks to ask for money to fund a light lager company that intended on competing with large powerhouse domestics on price and shelf space… the banks were understandably hesitant. 1.) Most banks have never had a business model with such intentions come in front of them. 2.) Most banks would be pretty hesitant to loan a couple of middle income guys in their late 20’s, with no industry experience, the kind of money needed to start a large production facility, regardless of the venture at hand.  Initially, the banks turned down our venture because of the afore stated, but like a prizefighter knocked down; we were down, but not out.  MCS regrouped, refocused and found a contract brewer that would work with us, in turn getting the banks to agree to fund us; From a banking/risk standpoint they were much more comfortable with this set up since all of our capital would be tied up in beer and not equipment. As our sales have increased over the last 2.5 years of business, we are now in the midst of planning a brewery of our own in Montana.

Every once in a while we will get wind of a rumor running around in the market that claims that Montucky Cold Snacks is owned and conceived by huge corporate conglomerates, or billionaires from outside of Montana; though slightly humorous to us, these types of rumors are 100% false and we have no idea where they came from.  Both Chad and Jeremy own MCS outright (100% top to bottom with a portion allocated to our market reps and future employees), both Chad and Jeremy are native Montanans who continue to live in the state of Montana; both are non-multi-millionaires (or even the sort of dudes that have got a cool 50k chilling in their bank accounts to dip into for when they decide they are sick of the world and want to disappear to Fiji for a month or two),  moreover both do not come from millionaire families. They are a couple of guys whom earned their money by working in their respective fields for many years, (Jeremy in wildland fire, Chad in engineering), and used most of it to start Montucky Cold Snacks.  Simply put, we’re just two young dudes that like to drink light beer and decided to create a company that gives back to good causes; Nothing too crazy.

Montucky Cold Snacks Derives its name from the slang term for Montana, Montucky.  Simply put, it refers the backwoods and rural areas of the state.  Cold Snacks is a tongue and cheek way of referring to beer; i.e. ‘Lets go crack into some Cold Snacks.’


Per 16oz serving: ABV ~4.1% Calories = 136, Carbohydrates = 6.6 g, Protein = 1 g, Fat = 0.0 g

  • Chad Zeitner - Owner

    Chad Zeitner

    Chad Zeitner was born in Butte, Montana and although he grew up mostly in Idaho, he spent a lot time on his grandfather’s ranch in Willow Creek, Montana. After attending college at the University of Idaho, he spent four years as an electrical engineer in Kalispell before deciding to take some time to ‘find himself’ through traveling the world. After seven months and numerous countries, he decided that there isn’t a place better than Montana. After his travels, Zeitner moved to Bozeman MT where he has been since 2009. In his spare time he enjoys skiing (snow and water), climbing, camping, hiking, biking, running, and generally being outside. To Zeitner, the ability to help out and work with the communities in MCS’s various markets is what makes the company worth all the time and effort.
  • Jeremy Gregory

    Jeremy Gregory grew up on a cattle ranch on the Crow Reservation and in Hardin Montana where he attended school. He worked in Wildland fire for nine years including a five year stint on the Lewis & Clark Hotshots out of Great Falls MT. After graduating from the University of Montana, he decided to write three full-length novels he never sought publication for while holding season passes at a multitude of ski resorts across MT. It was during this window of time that Gregory began to envision starting a beer company that produced light beers that celebrated outdoor culture. This vision is what has now become Montucky Cold Snacks. Gregory resides part time in Bozeman and part time at the family ranch in Lodge Grass.