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Ahhh, the beginning of it all... In 2012, Chad Zeitner and Jeremy Gregory were crackin’ beers and chatting about world peace at the Bacchus Bar in downtown Bozeman, Montana. This profound conversation was the start of the world's most refreshing beer company that gives back to the local community while celebrating the outdoors, having fun, and being ridiculous(ly awesome). 

Enjoy this lil' relic from the beginning of Montucky Cold Snacks. 

 Starring: Montucky Cold Snacks Owners, Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner 

No one knows their way around a Cold Snack like our VP of Sales, Jeff Courteau. This legend is the ultimate Cold Snack Slangin', Cookin', and Sippin' Extraordinaire.Join us in a series of delicious Snacks made with light lager beer! Today we're making light beer-battered onion rings and pork chops..... mmmmm finger-lickin' good! Ingredients


  1. Drink a Cold Snack. 
  2. In a mixing bowl, add flour, egg, garlic, salt, and pepper. Pour in 1 can of beer and stir until mixture is even. 
  3. Pour oil (Jeff used vegetable oil but any will do) into frying pant and heat to 250 - 375 degrees. 
  4. Dip the pork chops one by one in the batter, fully coating them. 
  5. Carefully place your chops in the hot oil. 
  6. Cook each chop for 2 - 2:15 minutes per side. You must get the internal temp to 145 degrees. 
  7. Pair with your favorite side and an ice-cold Montucky Cold Snack! We like ours with beer-battered onion rings, you can use the same process as the beer-battered pork chops to make em! 

Snack Slangin' Extrodinare Jeff is back with another delicious light beer recipe, beer broiled brauts! Now, the secret to these perfect beer boiled bratwursts? A couple fresh cans of Montucky Cold Snacks! Mmm, mmm, mmmm... Now let's get cookin'.



  1. Pour 2 cans of Montucky into a saucepan
  2. Add the 5 bratwurst
  3. If they are not fully covered in beer, add more beer until they are. 
  4. Drink the rest of the beer
  5. Bring the beer to a boil. Be careful and watch the beer so it doesn’t boil over. Stir and adjust the heat as needed
  6. Boil until the brats turn white and they float in the beer
  7. They are done at this point but I like to move them to the grill on medium heat to brown them up and add a little crunch to the skin (you can do this in a pan as well)
  8. Put them on the bun, add spicy mustard and kraut 
  9. Enjoy!

 Do you require hot cheese to be happy? Well... we do. Montucky's Snack Slangin' Extraordinaire is back with another light beer recipe. Join Jeff as we delve into a delicious Beer Cheese Dip made with Montucky Cold Snacks! Mmmm...mmmmm....mmmm, now let's get cookin'!  

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  1. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan 
  2. Wisk in 3 tablespoons of flour
  3. Add a cup of whole milk
  4. Add a squirt of spicy brown mustard
  5. Pour in 3/4 of a 12oz Montucky 
  6. Couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce  
  7. Add salt, garlic powder, and paprika
  8. Optional - add cayenne pepper if you like spice 
  9. Stir in 3 cups of shredded cheese. I used sharp cheddar. 
  10. Let it all melt together then simmer until you’re ready to dip. 
  11. It’ll thicken up as it cools down
  12. Enjoy! 

Another delicious Cold Snack recipe brought to you by Snack Slanger Extraordinaire, Jeff. Join us in cooking a juicy light Beer Can Chicken made with Montucky Cold Snacks!



1. 24 hours before cooking put a 4-6lb whole chicken in a container to brine overnight. Fill it with your favorite brine or use what I did:

2. An hour before cooking take out of the brine and pat dry

3. Rub the chicken with olive oil and your favorite rub

4. Pour out and set aside half a 12oz. can of Montucky

5. Stand the chicken on the half-filled beer can

6. Set your grill to indirect cooking at 350 degrees

7. In a drip pan pour some of the remaining beer and apple cider vinegar. You can add fruits and veggies to the drip pan if you want as well. This won’t change the flavor, it just keeps everything from drying out.

8. Take the rest of your leftover beer and put it in a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar

9. Put the chicken on the grill

10. Cook at 350 until the internal temperature reaches at least 175 degrees. This will take out 75-90 minutes depending on the size of the chicken and how soon before cooking you took it out of the fridge. Putting it on the grill at room temp is ideal.

Pro tip: About every 20 minutes open the grill and spray the chicken all over with the beer/apple cider vinegar mix

11. Once at temperature, pull off, remove the can (careful the can and beer will be hot), and let rest for 10-20 minutes before carving.

12. Enjoy, y'all!

During June, Montucky Cold Snacks gives all 8% of profits from Pride cans and 100% of profits from swag sales back to LGBTQ organizations.

Please join us in celebrating Pride, helping create awareness about LGBTQ organizations, and raising money for these organizations and causes during Pride month!  Please feel free to reach out to us with ideas you may have about Pride events in your area, we'd be excited to work with you!

The organizations we're working with during 2020 include The Western Montana Community Center, Big Sky Pride, OutSpokane, The Pride Foundation, Cheer Colorado, One Colorado, Inside Out, Viviant Health, Outfront Minnesota, Courage MKE, Nashville CARES, and the LGBTQ Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Check out our Pride Swag! 100% of profits from this collection are donated back to our partnered LGBTQ+ organizations. 


 2021 is just around the corner, check out Montucky Cold Snacks new sponsored athletes! We're stoked to have such talented and awesome individuals on our team. Cheers to these badas★ humans! 


My name is Corey Seemann! Currently based out of Whitefish Montana. I am a professional back-country extreme skier chasing powder all over the globe. Extreme skiing and back-country flying are my passions in life along with providing opportunities for others to join the fun. I am always on the hunt for adventure seeking the next thrill in life! I have had the great opportunity to film with large ski production films like Teton Gravity Research along side some of the best athletes in the business.


I am a professional skier, mediocre snowmobiler, backcountry enthusiast and halfpipe skiing hobbyist from Avon, Colorado!  When I am not sipping on Montuckys, I have a passion for creating ski films and flipping my way down X Games halfpipes!  I spend most of my days in negative degree weather but like to leave for surf trips to escape winter at times.  In the summer months, I like to go mountain biking with the boys and ride my motorcycle.  Low key I am an Indian cuisine chef at home and private pilot when I find time to fly.  This year I have busy plans of competing in World Cup halfpipe events, X games, and linking up with friends to film for a movie that will be shot in Colorado, Montana and Utah. It should be a lot of fun going out with good friends doing what I love the most... SKIING! 


Ever since I was introduced to the wonders of adventure and the outdoors at a young age, my life has been a constant search for things that challenge me, connect me to others, or teach me something new. Born and raised on skis in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I now spend my time traveling in a converted school bus chasing powder. I’m passionate about conservation and protecting the wild places that I hold dear, telling stories about the natural world and the people who spend their time there, and of course, the art of après.


With an east coast ski racing background, Jake likes to turn and go fast. Growing up in New York and making the move to Bozeman, Montana to go to college, Jake has been distracted from the real world and pursues his passion of skiing by chasing snow around the western US all winter. Jake has slowly made a name for himself by producing a few short films with Benshi Creative, filming a segment for Teton Gravity Research's film "Make Believe", and competing at Kings and Queens of Corbets in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 


Maddie is a biathlete from Old Forge, New York. She's been a member of the US Biathlon National Team since 2014 and represented Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics. She combines her love of the outdoors with an ongoing effort to protect it by advocating for environmental sustainability while working on issues such as climate change and clean air with the non-profit organization Protect Our Winters.

Maddie enjoys spending as much time in the outdoors exploring; whether that be through mountain biking, rock climbing, or trail running! She also dabbles a bit in creating digital artwork to advocate for the places she loves. 


My name is Taylor Salway. Im from Billings, Montana and have rode a skateboard since I was 6 years old. I travel around the US for contests and enjoy the sport almost as much as I enjoy my family. I am a proud rider for MCS, Jarritos, and wanderlust skateboards.


I’m Angus Meredith and I hail from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! I am a rock climber, photographer, snacker, and full time redhead. I’ve lived in North Idaho my whole life, but I’m always drawn to the desert. This leaves me planning trips in the winter months to get on glorious sandstone cracks. If I’m not climbing cracks, I’m probably bouldering. I’m in a constant state of finding new hobbies, but climbing and photos are the two that have stuck with me. Who knows what I’ll pick up next though!


Hey everyone! I’m Michael Mawn and I’m 21 years old. I grew up in Colorado but now live in Bozeman, MT. I compete on the Freeride World Tour and have a passion for freeride snowboarding and mountaineering. My favorite thing to do on a snowboard is to ride steep, narrow couloirs with friends. In addition to snowboarding, I love to ice climb, alpine climb and surf. Surfing has always inspired my snowboarding and I’m a firm believer that there is nothing better than “surfing” deep pow with a solid crew of friends. If you see me up at Bridger or on the skin track, let’s catch a lap!