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"I had sore legs and dust in my mouth, strained shoulders and a swamp in my boots. I had gotten an alpine start, and successfully skied from the summit of Uncompahgre peak, one of Colorado's daunting 14ers. And as my reward, I had a 4 mile slog out the dirt road back to camp. Hours later I arrived. Sore, dusty, strained and swampy. I like a fancy wet hopped hopped raspberry saison belgian trippel as much as the next guy, but after a day in the mountains, ain't nothing more satisfying than a Cold Snack" -Lawdoggy

"Would drink on the river when already drunk and desperate but not otherwise." -Jngrizzaffi

"This was the beer I camped with in Rocky Mountain National Park last night. It was kissed with floral hps and light in texture but featured only a light biscuit note to distinguish it. Certainly it is easy to drink in quantity, which may be its most redeeming quality." -Daliandragon

"Appearance: Not pouring this one out of the can so... A beautifully crafted light blue label with the silhouette of a stallion in front of a mountain range. To me it asks the question, "ain't country livin' grand?" Smell: Beer Taste: Beer Feel: Light Beer Overall: It's beer, relax everyone." -Rummy Redbeard

"I know there may be some purists on here who disdain Montucky’s taste, marketing or how it’s not even made in Montana, but this beer is my favorite I have found in my 34 years on this planet. I can’t explain it in great detail, but this beer is smooth and does not have a skunky aftertaste. If you like normal refreshing beer, I think you will like it. It is not available in Oklahoma and it seriously breaks my heart..." -averageokguy

"In this life, you get what you pay for. This is an outstanding pale lager. 16 ounces of crisp, enjoyable, American-Style beer. The taste and aftertaste of this sweet nectar is impeccable. With 4% ABV, this is a happy-medium threshold between cheap light beer and a very mild IPA. I paid $6 for a 6-pack of 16oz rainbow cans. Glad they support recycling & local social causes (8% give-back). For what it’s worth, this beer is an amazing choice." -Brycerogers

"Trying the Cold Snack is a life-changing experience. Pours a beautiful prairie yellow with notes of awesome and winning. If you like America then give this a go you will not be disappointed. Cold Snack y’all" -PNWfever

"Pint can from Brewer’s Haven. Really excited to see this one in Boise, I had looked for this a few times when passing through Montana. Sort of fulfilled a typical winter’s day in Montana, right here in Boise; I broke these out while dealing with Snowmageddon 2017. Crushed them right out of the can, kept ’em cold in the snow bank while shoveling and removing ice dams. Very refreshing pale lager, a bit on the sweeter side, but crisp and satisfying finish. I hope these become a regular in town." -Jake65

"I’m rather impressed with this .. . its a very very clean pale lager, no offensive or off flavours you get in most cases .. drank from a 16oz CaN pair with american cheddar, my CaTs, and dexter reruns on a muggy sunday evening. got work at the brewery tomorrow if my CaR is out of the shop." -SudsMcDuff

"Actually not a bad light beer. There are much worse out there. And the can rocks. I could drink a lot of this" -Reid

"Really love this beer, and it has a great name. I drink my cold snacks at all snacking hours." -drukoff

"This is my favorite beer to beat the heat in Austin Texas! If you want a refreshing beer this is the right choice. Plus the price and the can are awesome. I love me some Cold Snacks!" -JBOB

"Montucky Cold Snacks are the exact opposite of ketchup on a steak." -Dad

"If yer gonna have a snack in Houston, it should be cold. It might as well be from Montucky. These are great anytime. My only concern is the can is always empty when I reach for a refreshing sip." -Astrostache

"Nothing better after a long hike to an Alpine Lake than to inflate the Paddle board and 3piece rod, fish for highlake trout and sip on a refreshing Cold Snack!" -Up-Mountain-Down-a-Beer

"n easy drinkin' beer on it's own, but add some lime and you got yerself a North Idaho Vacation!" - NoBeard

"Tried it because it was the cheapest available in the bar I was at. Kept buying it because it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Been loyally snacking ever since." - snackMaster

"Love it. Crisp, light, beery and a great Brew for a cool country night. I'm no professional so I won't talk about essences of cereal and light white foamy head that quickly dissipates lol. First taste is crispy crackle cereal on a Saturday cartoon morning crunchy. Then the hops hit you like a pro featherweight boxer. A quick right hook that shakes your taste buds. The finish is a kiss from your best sweetheart. Sweet and pulse quickening. Thanks Montucky Cold Snack." - Snack'n Chavez

"Stopped at a local convenient store after work and picked up a 6er of some shit with a horse on I'd never seen before. 11 hours of pouring my soul out to the man and this was my reward to myself for making it to wednesday. I paired it with an exquisite Kraft deluxe macaroni dinner. You know the one with the liquid cheese in there? Oh yeah. Macn n snackn for jack baby. Will be doing this again. Might upgrade to hamburger helper at some point, I'll be sure to give a full report of that as well. Montucky goes pretty good with oreos too but dont ask me how I know that it's kinda embarrassing. -Jack Weston

"You weirdos did it, you perfected the Light American Lager. Didn't think it really needed to be done, I was wrong. Keep it up you beautiful b*stards." -Barnet3333

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