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Introducing 2023 Winner

King John Gutz

King Gutz (pronounced Gooots) formerly know as “the Salt Lake City Weekly Burger King” was crowned King Mascot on June the 2nd in the year of our lord 2023.

In addition to his official and ceremonial duties for Montucky Cold Snacks as the first ever Mascot, his Majesty has taken an active interest in all areas of public life for decades. The King is a p.a. Announcer for Devotion Championship Wrestling, where after hyping sold out shows, he helps conduct anti bullying assemblies at local elementary schools. 

His Excellency is a 4 time Burger Week Eating Champion among other awesomeness. The King enjoys supporting his community by visiting local establishments, and sporting organizations  helping to stimulate the local economy by enjoying Cold Snacks on a regular basis. Most of all His Majesty adores making people happy and having the best time possible.


Montucky Mascot

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