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Cookin' with Cold Snacks | Beer Broiled Brauts

Snack Slangin' Extrodinare Jeff is back with another delicious light beer recipe, beer broiled brauts! Now, the secret to these perfect beer boiled bratwursts? A couple fresh cans of Montucky Cold Snacks! Mmm, mmm, mmmm... Now let's get cookin'.


  • 5 fresh Bratwurst (you can use frozen but thaw them before you start boiling)
  • 3 12oz Cans of Montucky 
  • Sauerkraut
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Buns


  1. Pour 2 cans of Montucky into a saucepan
  2. Add the 5 bratwurst
  3. If they are not fully covered in beer, add more beer until they are. 
  4. Drink the rest of the beer
  5. Bring the beer to a boil. Be careful and watch the beer so it doesn’t boil over. Stir and adjust the heat as needed
  6. Boil until the brats turn white and they float in the beer
  7. They are done at this point but I like to move them to the grill on medium heat to brown them up and add a little crunch to the skin (you can do this in a pan as well)
  8. Put them on the bun, add spicy mustard and kraut 
  9. Enjoy!